Distiller: Lazy Guy Distillery

Lazy Guy Distillery

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Lazy Guy Distillery is located in the heart of downtown Kennesaw, just northwest of Atlanta. Kennesaw has deep historical roots dating back to General Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War. Prominent for its railroad locomotive “The General” and its key location close to the capital of Georgia, Kennesaw is the perfect place to make whiskey, a practice that has been revered throughout American history.

We are a first generation whiskey distillery using Georgia grown grains and fruits, but don’t think we haven’t done our homework. We’ve watched market trends in craft distilling and the explosion of the bourbon movement. We talk to whiskey drinkers and connect with what they want to see on the market as well as in our own product portfolio. True whiskey drinkers may have their favorite bourbon, rye or wheat whiskey but occasionally may try a white whiskey, high-proof white dog or sip a brandy. What we learn from all whiskey drinkers helps to develop our spirit portfolio and will continue to influence future offerings.

Capturing flavors that can only be found in Georgia grown fruits and grains Lazy Guy Distillery whiskey and brandy offers a taste that is unmatched by others. Lazy Guy isn’t about having a huge product portfolio but rather about providing unique, small-batch products that best reflect our brand and the passion of those who drink this classic and uniquely American spirit.

- Mark Allen -