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Award winning RICHLAND RUM is meticulously handcrafted in the USA with pure sugarcane – including homegrown cane from the proprietor’s Estate ‘Vennebroeck’ in Richland, Georgia – and natural water from the Georgia Aquifer, as the only ingredients. Sourcing and processing of premium sugar cane syrup, slow fermentation, copper pot distilling in single day batches, aging in virgin American oak barrels and ultimately bottling are all handled in house. RICHLAND RUM is all natural, authentic, not blended, does not contain preservatives, taste enhancers, color agents or additives of any kind. And gluten free, naturally.

Please enjoy responsibly. Neat, or on a rock.

Slow, low temperature fermentation – using a proprietary recipe developed over a 15 year timespan – gas fired copper pot stills and all natural ingredients are used to make small, single day batches of rum by hand. Of every daily distilling run, the ‘Foreshots’, The ‘Heads’, the ‘Hearts’ and the ‘Tails’ are hand-selected based on taste, aroma, clarity, temperature readings and alcohol content.

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