Georgia Distlllers Association


If you are a licensed distiller in Georgia, or in the process of obtaining your DSP, the GDA is available to support your Distillery through industry education, legislative improvements, and overall promotion of the Georgia distilled spirits industry.

State Legislators for Georgia Distilleries

Moonrise Distillery and R.M. Rose Distillery
  • Representative Stephen Allison (R)- District 8
  • Senator John Wilkinson (R)- District 50
Lazy Guy Distillery
  • Representative Bert Reeves (R)- District 34
  • Senator Lindsey Tippins (R)- District 37
Georgia Distilling Company
  • Representative Rusty Kidd (I)- District 145
  • Senator Burt Jones (R)- District 25
Richland Rum and Still Pond Distillery
  • Representative Gerald Greene (R)- District 151
  • Senator Freddie Powell Sims (D)- District 12
Ivy Mountain Distillery
  • Representative Dan Gasaway (R)- District 28
  • Senator John Wilkinson (R)- District 50
Old 4th Distillery
  • Representative Keisha Waites (D)- District 60
  • Senator Nan Orrock (D)- District 36
Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery and Still House Creek Distillery
  • Representative Kevin Tanner (R)- District 9
  • Senator Steve Gooch (R)- District 51
Dalton Distillery
  • Representative Bruce Broadrick (R)- District 4
  • Senator Charlie Bethel (R)- District 54
Brown Thrasher Distillery
  • Representative Kevin Cooke (R)- District 18
  • Senator Mike Dugan (R)- District 34
Ghost Coast Distillery
  • Representative J. Craig Gordon (D)- District 163
  • Senator Lester Jackson (D)- District 2
Grandaddy Mimms
  • Representative Stephen Allison (R)- District 8
  • Senator Steve Gooch (R)- District 51
Independent Distilling Company
  • Representative Rahn Mayo (D)- District 84
  • Senator Elena Parent (D)- District 42
American Spirit Whiskey
  • Representative Pat Gardner (D)- District 57
  • Senator Nan Orrock (D)- District 36
13th Colony Distillery
  • Representative Mike Cheokas (R)- District 138
  • Senator Freddie Powell Sims (D)- District 12

Resources for Distillers

Starting a distillery? This link will take you the TTB’s detailed instructions on starting a spiritous liquor business.

Allowable Labeling Changes on Approved Labels

A detailed chart of the revisions distilleries may make without applying for a new COLA.

American Craft Spirits Association

Updates on the Association’s work to reduce the Federal Excise Tax for distillers.

American Distilling Institute

A useful page where you can ask questions about TTB reporting and other TTB compliance issues. You can follow the links to join the ADI, as well.

Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS)

In 1973, three organizations — the Bourbon Institute, the Distilled Spirits Institute and the Licensed Beverage Industries, Inc.– merged to form the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Today, DISCUS is the national trade association for America’s leading distillers and represents 70 percent of all distilled spirits brands sold in the U.S. Over the years, DISCUS has served as the distillers’ voice on policy and legislative issues in our nation’s capital, state capitals and foreign capitals worldwide.

Educational Tools and Resources

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